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PES 2019 - Edit | Guide, Option File, Patch e Tool

Last Update: 6/27/2019 12:38 PM
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10/15/2018 9:27 AM

[PC/PS4] PES Universe Option File v3


- Full Licensed Logos & All Competition
- Premier League ( Team Names, Logos, Rivalries, Banners, Stadiums, Managers )
- EFL Championship ( Team Names, Logos, Rivalries, Banners, Stadiums, Managers )
- LaLiga Santander ( Team Names, Logos, Rivalries, Banners, Stadiums, Managers )
- Bundesliga ( Team Names, Logos, Rivalries, Banners, Stadiums, Managers )
- Serie A ( Team Names, Logos, Rivalries, Banners, Stadiums, Managers )
- Liga NOS
- Jupiler Pro League
- Full Updates All Leagues !
- 3rd Kits for almost all teams
- Updated National Teams
- And much much more !


1a) If you have already imported V1 or V2 of the Option File, we recommend deleting all images in edit mode by going to Edit Menu>Import/export>Delete Images (simply delete all images in each of the 6 folders STRIP (L) to STADIUM.
1b) If you are installing fresh and it\’s your first Option File import, then continue to Step 2

1. Download the file from the Gold/Silver Hub and save to your PC.

2. When its downloaded, pop your USB into the PC and go to the downloaded file

3. Right click on the downloaded folder and choose extract to/WEPES to create an extracted folder. Enter the password also which will be available beside the download link (Google 7zip or winrar trial if you don\’t have an extraction software)

– Once extracted, drag the extracted Option File folder named WEPES that you have just extracted to your USB\’s root. (Simply drag and drop onto your USB)

5. Put the USB in your PS4

6. Go to Extras tab in the main menu of PES 2019


8. After live update is complete, go to EDIT MODE

9. In EDIT MODE Menu, go Data Management > Import/Export > Import Competition

10. Check ok and select your USB

11. Import all files, do not check any boxes

12. When Installed, go to Competition Structure and go to draw size

13. Select BUNDESLIGA and decrease draw size to 18

14. Now go Data Management > Import/Export > Import Team

15. Import ALL files by selecting SQUARE and click ok to detailed settings.

16.Do not tick any boxes in detailed settings. Let it import for 15 minutes or so.

– If an error occurs, make sure you extracted correctly, your USB is optimized correctly and that your PS4 has the latest updates.) Re-import any failed teams.

17. When done, go to Data Management > Import/Export > Import Team

18. Select all files with BUNDESLIGA in the name as well as BRA_V3_EQ-EMERSON_Santos and also all Chinese teams (chinese teams start at BeijingG_KGBRP_V1 and end at TianjinTEDA_KGBRP_V1. Also select Brazil, Serbia, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama and USA.

19. Go To Detailed settings & tick the second box – Apply player and squad data and tick the third box – Overwriting image files of the same name

20. Click ok and let it import.
21. Now you have V3 installed





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