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PES 2019 - Edit | Guide, Option File, Patch e Tool

Last Update: 6/27/2019 12:38 PM
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10/20/2018 12:21 PM

[PS4] Option File Conmebol Copa Libertadores PES 2019 V2

What does this version contain?

Kits of all the teams of the Conmebol Copa Libertadores.
Appearances of all the players in the Cup.
Stats of all the players in the Cup.
Logos of all the teams in the Cup.
Managers of all the teams of the Cup. (ALREADY UPDATED).
Stadium images of all the teams in the Cup. (ALREADY UPDATED).

How to install?

Copy the WEPES folder to the root of your USB.
Go to the menu edit of PES 2019
Go to Import / Export
Select Import Team
Select your previously used USB device
Squeeze square if you have only passed this Option File, otherwise select the 23 teams (unless you are occupying all 20 teams in the PLA league, if so, do not import LIB_NAUR2 or LIB_NACIONALECU as it will overwrite your last two teams in the league PLA).
Finally, click on the first button of this menu and wait for the process to complete.

Thanks to:

Nacho @ nachodc92
EmersonPereira @emersonConnor
Pro Evolution Uruguay @pro_uruguay
Genius 46 @ geniowe2002
ManolAG @ KBer25
Ariel @ 88205523
Camilo LodoƱo @ juanclm8
PESoccerPeru (OFL) @bYpESoccerPeru
Vinnie @vinniecisneros
Erzo77 @ erzo77
Jonathan Moran @ jonathan140986
Aza Licona @licona_aza

Download links (Mediafire / GoogleDrive):

Google Drive:

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